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Is your home miles away from the University and you’re carrying all your stuff every day? Seems like its time to get one of our coveted lockers!

How to borrow a locker

  1. Come into the VS-office (Modulbau, m001) on Wednesdays or Thursdays during Lunch Break to get your keys
  2. Bring the deposit (40 Euro) in cash
  3. Decide where you want your locker (main building or lemon slice), all lockers are of equal size.
  4. For your deposit you will receive a receipt, be sure to keep it until you return the locker to make the return process easy!
  5. Use your locker until you no longer need it 😊

How to return a locker

  1. Download the return form HERE
  2. Fill out the form and send it to vs-schliessfach@hdm-stuttgart.de or hand it over in person at the office
  3. Empty and clean your locker
  4. Put keys and receipt (and form if you haven’t sent it) in an envelope and drop it either in the mailbox at the VS office or in PO Box 214 (main entrance on the left)
  5. We will check the return form, locker and key and transfer the deposit to your provided account in a timely manner.

Note: Without a receipt, we cannot always assign your locker, so please be sure to keep it, otherwise we will not be able to arrange payment. If you’ve lost your receipt and want to return your locker, please contact us.