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Other services

Here you find an overview with other services
Access to the VS office

Everyone is welcome
The VS office is located in the main building directly behind the green egg. If you have questions or just want to chat, you are always welcome.
Our door is always open for you and a cup of coffee is included.
If you needtemporary locking authorizationto the office for a specific purpose, you can apply for it using this >form.
Reasons for lock authorization could be:

  • You are leading one of our initiatives
  • You are in the council of VS
  • You work on one of our projects
Lost and found

Actually, our VS office is not a lost and found office. Lost and found items are collected by the janitor.

If you find something outside of office hours or if you don’t see the janitor in his office, you are welcome to drop it off at the VS office.

Lost and Found at the HdM:
Fedele Gaudino (Room112)

Other points of contact outside the HdM:

Lab and workroom

The VS-Lab is located in the Nobelstraße in the Technikbau, on the second floor, room 195. It offers students the opportunity to work on computers and use our 3D printers.

A new addition since the winter semester 2016/2017 is the partial conversion of the room into a workroom. Here you have the opportunity to work on your projects with various tools. For information, please contact us!

How do I get into the VS Lab?

For an access authorization please fill in the Laboratory Regulations and attach it to this filled out form.

Charging station

In the foyer of the Zitronenschnitz and in front of the VS office (module construction) you will find our charging stations with charging cables for pretty much all mobile devices.