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Social welfare department

We are the social welfare department of the “Verfasste Studierendenschaft”!


The social welfare department is a group of volunteer students from all fields of study who are here to assist you with questions regarding study financing, course progression, and second and third attempts. Our goal is to make the jungle of academic regulations and financing more comprehensible.

Our tasks include:

  • Being a point of contact for students with questions on the following topics:
    • Course progression
    • Study financing
    • Exams and study extensions
    • Special situations in studies
  • Collaboration with various departments of the university
  • Support in conversations with professors and employees

You can always reach out to us at vs-sozialreferat@hdm-stuttgart.de. Your inquiries and suggestions will be treated confidentially, and your concerns will only be discussed outside the team if you explicitly wish for this. Important: The social welfare department does not provide legal advice but is here to support you in your concerns and refer you to other resources if necessary.

Would you like to get involved with our team? Then feel free to write us and drop by one of our meetings, no strings attached!