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Here you will find everything you need to know about ASC points
You would like to receive ASC for an activity performed?

Then please fill in the following ASC-form and have it signed by the main person responsible for the activity. Once you have collected 10, 20, or 30 ASC, you can drop off the form at the VS office or mail it to our ASC coordinators, who will then review it and forward it to the responsible examination office. ASC forms that are to be credited during the current semester must be submitted to the ASC coordinators at least two weeks before the end of the semester.

You want to add a new activity to the criteria catalog?

Then please contact the ASC coordination. We will inform you as soon as we have received feedback from the Prorector of Teaching.

Current catalog of criteria

A list of activities for which ASCs can already be applied for is available in our ASC-criteria catalog .

What are ASCs?

HdM students can earn ASC (Activity and Social Credits) for organizing and carrying out voluntary university-related activities that serve, for example, to promote students’ social, intellectual, musical, or athletic interests.

Why does ASC exist?

The possibility of acquiring ASCs is a special feature of the HdM, through which the university’s appreciation of honorary commitment is brought to bear to a special degree.

What are the requirements to receive ASC?

A requirement for getting ASC credits is an independent commitment beyond the teaching courses offered. The voluntary task must therefore take place outside ECTS-assessed courses. The activities carried out should serve in particular to develop the social, organizational and communicative competence of the students.

Proposals for creditable activities can be made by all members of the university. The Prorector of Teaching then decides on creditable activities on the basis of a proposal from the VS.
What are the criteria for awarding ASCs?

ASC points can be awarded in the scale of 2.5 ASC, 5 ASC and 10 ASC. Their value is based on the activity performed.
In general, the award is based on the following criteria:

2.5 ASC: An activity that is short-term in duration, carries a low level of responsibility, and contributes significantly to the success of the project.

5 ASC: An activity that lasts for an extended period of time and contributes significantly to the success of the project.

10 ASC: An activity that lasts an entire semester, describes a responsible task, and contributes significantly to the success of the project.
How are ASCs credited?

A maximum of 10 ASC can be acquired per semester and 30 ASC during the entire duration of study. 10 ASC correspond to 1 ECTS.

Credit on the transcript is given in the “Special Examination Achievements” module under:
Key qualification A: 1 ECTS
Key qualification B: 2 ECTS