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About us

The VS council, initiatives, helpers and you!
This is the “Verfasste Studierendenschaft” (VS)

Who we are

The Verfasste Studierendenschaft (VS) is the democratic organization of all students in one body. It is the central representation of interests of all students at the university and has the task of safeguarding the interests of the students. At the same time, the VS represents the students in all university-political issues. Through numerous actions, it enriches everyday life at the university.

What we do


We are your contact persons for all topics concerning your studies

Quality assurance

Through quality assurance funds from the state and the VS contribution from students, the VS finances, for example, water dispensers, technical equipment, emergency fund, etc.

Events & Initiatives

We create opportunities for free time with our initiatives and events

Higher Education Policy

We advocate for your interests and drive change

Structure of the VS

Struktur der VS - wie unten erklärt
Struktogramm der VS

The VS consists of different committees with different functions. All students have the chance to be nominated for these and also to elect them:

VS Council

The VS Council consists of 30 elected students for one term (two semesters). These have active voting rights. The VS Council is the place to go for student problems, suggestions, questions, and ideas. Every three weeks the VS-Council meets to discuss important decisions and the work of the various committees and working groups. In addition, the VS Council elects the seven board members from its own ranks at the beginning of the semester.

Faculty Councils

In each faculty there is also a faculty council. This council includes professors, staff, and students from the faculty. There are 5 students elected to each faculty council also for two semesters. These students also automatically sit on the VS Council. In the Faculty Council, for example, decisions are made about SPO changes.


The Senate is the highest body in which students can be represented. Here, three elected students meet with the university administration, professors, and staff. Issues such as the financial plan, professorships, faculties and degree programs are discussed here.


If all 30 seats on the VS Council are filled, additional students become representatives:inside. They only have voting rights if the elected member they represent drops out but can still actively participate in council meetings and working groups


Can participate in all initiatives, working groups, and the council meeting. Unlike the Council, they do not have voting rights, but can bring issues and suggestions to meetings and participate in discussions


The VS supports and cooperates with the following institutions around the HdM and the campus: