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Welcome to the HdM!
Here you will learn (almost) everything you need to know 😀

Dear first-year students,

We are the student body (short VS) of the HdM and would like to welcome you very warmly at the HdM. In addition, we will also organize one or the other event for you in the coming weeks. So be excited and ready for any fun 🙂

With this website we want to provide you with all important information, present our initiatives and invite you to our events.

We are students – just like you – and live from your cooperation. We are a central representation of interests for all students at our university and as VS we also actively participate in university policy issues.

You may have already noticed that you help finance us with your semester fee. We use these funds responsibly and wisely so that all students can benefit. An example of this would be funding the services such as the microwaves, water and charging stations that you can find at HdM.

You can find out what else we’re up to and what other issues we’re committed to by following us on our social media channels. We also keep you up to date regularly with our newsletter. So stay alert!

Upcoming Events

Of course, a successful first semester start includes our chick events. And we have a lot planned for you this semester as well. Do you want to meet new people and celebrate the start of the semester together? Then come along, the more the merrier! We are looking forward to welcoming you at the following events. 

Currently there are no events announced, check back soon 🙂

With our initiatives there is something for everyone!

Whether it’s singing, gambling, photography or writing – we have a super range of initiatives to join in and network for these and other interests. Initiatives are a bit like AGs at school. You can find the complete list of initiatives on our website under “Get involved”. Some of our initiatives are also on Facebook and Instagram. So feel free to click through the list of interesting links.


If you are still undecided, you are welcome to visit our website or participate in the kick-off events of the initiatives. You will find them here as well as in the upcoming newsletters or on our Instagram page.

No kick-offs have been announced yet. Check back soon!

Important links at a glance!

Da es manchmal wirklich schwierig ist den Überblick zwischen all den verschiedenen Plattformen der HdM zu behalten, haben wir euch unter eine Liste mit den wichtigsten Links zusammengestellt. Darin findet ihr auch die Kontaktdaten der wichtigsten Anlaufstellen. Also schau sie dir gerne an oder lade sie runter. So you don’t have to search for it all the time, we’ve also put the list on our website at “Downloads“.

Important links for students

Interesting Links for Freshmen

Here are some links that are especially interesting for first-year students. There you will find not only all the contact details for our initiatives, but also details of contact persons and initiatives.

Interesting links for first-year students

Nice to Know

You can find more interesting contacts and Instagram pages about studying at HdM here. Especially recommended is the memes Instagram page of the HdM, a must for every HdM student.


Campus Tour

To make sure you know your way around our campus, we have embedded the campus tour published by the HdM here.


News from the Center

Hello dear freshmen! Annica and David from the ZSB welcome you to the HdM. Some of you already know us from your study orientation in the last months. Even now that you have made your way to us, we are here for you and will gladly accompany you throughout your studies.

Of course you can find our offers for you at any time on our website and now also in our Moodle course, über den ihr euch außerdem für Beratungen und Veranstaltungen anmelden könnt. Am besten also gleich mal dort einschreiben und immer auf dem Laufenden bleiben! Besides our weekly Open office hours (walk-in, online or by phone) we also offer of course individual one-on-one consultations.

In addition, there are regularly Virtual group consultations on different topics of your studies: semester planning, exam preparation, stress management and much more. You can get an overview in the Moodle course and of course in the Appointment calendar on the intranet.

Your Study & Career Center Offerings

A warm welcome to the HdM from us as well! We are the team of the Study & Career Center.

For all those who are new to the HdM, there is our “Hello HdM-Rallye”. you can play as a team or in single game mode and learn WHAT, WHERE and HOW is important for you and your studies. So explore the HdM campus and solve the tasks. You can find more information and the “starting point” of the rally here: Moodle course: Hello HdM-Ralley
Together you learn less alone! At study time, the Study & Career Center team is available to answer questions about your study projects. Stop by, work, alone or as a group, on your project work, papers, etc., and get on-site support if needed. You can find more information in the Moodle course Study&Career

You have questions or suggestions, then write us a E-Mail or call us: 0711 89232752.

We wish you a good start and look forward to seeing you!

Your Study & Career Team

All that remains is for us to wish you the best of luck in your studies! If you have any further questions, feel free to look around here on the website, send us an email or drop by the VS office!