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The Filmrausch is the HdM’s own cinema.
On original cinema seats you can enjoy selected films.

Initiative Management:
Jana Lammerskitten, Michael Beil

We love cinema with everything that goes with it. For us, this means: an excellent program, comfortable cinema seats and a mixture of traditional 35mm technology and modern digital projection. The focus is clearly on excellent films, a cozy supporting program and having fun.

As the Filmrausch team, we put together a program every semester, design posters, display them in the HdM, order the films from distributors, operate the projector, provide ample catering, and take care of the finances.

It is important to us to make every cinema performance something special. The Filmrausch at the HdM is deliberately designed to offer more than just having a film screened. That’s why we also plan regular semester specials, always finding a reason to celebrate. Whether it’s our annual Summer Open Air in the courtyard or a genre special, there’s guaranteed to be something for everyone. We want every movie night to be a little something special. The movie rush always takes place on Wednesdays in 2U12 and possibly i003, admission is at 7:30 pm. The team of helpers already meets at 17:30.

We are happy about every visitor and all those who fill their bonus card particularly committed. And of course also about everyone who wants to join us not only as a visitor, but as an active team member. If you would like to join us, just come and see us before or after a performance or send us an e-mail.