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Main Stage

You’re up for a jam session or looking for a fully equipped rehearsal room?
Come and join us!

Initiative Management:
Tim von Collani, Marika Rauch, Jona Mack

Welcome to Main Stage, the VS Jam- and Band Initiative! Here, everything revolves around making music together, rehearsing, performing and having fun. Whether you’re in the mood for a jam session, looking for contacts to other musicians, or need a rehearsal room for your band – you’ve come to the right place!

We have access to the HdM’s fully equipped rehearsal space with drums, keyboards, guitar and bass amplifiers as well as microphones and sound system.

What do we offer?

Jam Session – Every Friday 7:30pm!

Every Friday we host an open jam session. Whether you want to play yourself or just like to listen, beginner or advanced, all are welcome! The jam is a great opportunity to celebrate music together, to get creative, to gather inspiration and just to hang out. Are you interested? Then head on over to our rehearsal room on Friday evenings! No registration necessary.

Time: 19:30, always on Fridays. Place: Room U21

Rehearsal room slots for your band

You can also use the rehearsal room with your band (consisting of HdM students). Be sure to attend our kick-off at the beginning of the semester! There you can apply for a weekly slot.

You don’t have a band yet, but are looking for one? Then the kick-off is a great opportunity to get to know other musicians and bands!

The kick-off date will be announced at the beginning of each semester at https://vs-hdm.de/en/participate/initiatives