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You like to draw or paint?
Then SketchJam is the right place for you!

Initiative Management:
Jeremias Wax, Tanja Stoof

Do you like to draw or paint? Your scripts are already scribbled all over? Do you like sitting in a cosy environment and making art?
Then SketchJam is the place for you!
SketchJam is the initiative for all drawing enthusiasts who want to pursue their hobby and are looking for like-minded people, no matter whether you have to design a character for a submission or just want to sketch in a relaxed atmosphere. Our kick-off will take place on Tuesday, 21.03.23 at 7pm in room S302. Every week we will draw together IRL or in Discord in a relaxed atmosphere or play games like Monday Painter, Gartic Phone or whatever else we feel like doing. Every drawing style is welcome, no matter if you are a beginner or advanced – come along!

You can find more information on our Discord server.

We are also present on Instagram: @sketchjamspam