You are interested in environmental protection and sustainability?
Then be part of our projects!

Initiative Management:
Emma Schüttoff, Linda Enrich, Lena Dillmann

We are the USCHI – Environmental Protection Initiative of the VS at the HdM! 
Together with the university, we want to create awareness for sustainable issues on and off campus. We want to give you the space to realize your own personal ideas for sustainable development.

Only by rethinking and acting accordingly can we protect, preserve and maintain the natural foundations of life for humans, animals and plants, and give our children and grandchildren hope for the future.

You contribute your ideas to the initiative and then we fiddle around until we have a plan for implementation. The rule here is that even small steps can have a big impact!

Whether it’s waste separation, flea markets, “donate your pledge” or Fair-o-mat, the range of topics is wide and you can contribute your ideas!

So, come on down to USCHI! We meet every Wednesday at 1:30pm in S206 and our doors are always open to you. The rest of the time, you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram or email us at

Take care, your USCHI.