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… is the student magazine of the HdM.
Kritisch, frech und Satire-beladen!

Initiative Management:
Hanna Camille Wendt, Laura Castronovo, Jakob Hertl

We are the student magazine by and for HdM students. Our team consists of around 60 committed students from a wide range of degree programmes. We organise ourselves on a voluntary basis in several teams with different areas of responsibility: The editorial team provides both entertaining and informative content, the proofreading team is responsible for the necessary “alphabetical correctness” and the layout team brings the magazine to life. Of course, we are also accessible online – not only with our blog, but also on our social media channels, which our PR team takes care of.

VielSeitig has been part of the HdM’s constituted student body for years and serves as an information and entertainment medium.

The magazine is published once a semester, with a new theme each time, and is distributed free of charge at MediaNight and in the first-year bags at the HdM.

All students, regardless of their subject and previous knowledge, can join us. We meet at the beginning of each semester for a joint kick-off and then regularly throughout the semester on Mondays at 7:45 pm in room S003.

If you have any further questions, you can always contact us at vielseitig@hdm-stuttgart.de.