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Brett vorm Kopf

Nice round with board, card and parlor games.

Initiative Management:
Daniel Vallendar, Julius Steib

Become the most skilled wizard. Convey your codenames to your agents. Or build one of the 7 Wonders!

Besides Wizard, Codenames and 7 Wonders Architects, there are over 150 board and card games to choose from! Come by, choose a game, find some teammates and let’s go!

Do you have your own game at home that you would like to play? Bring it along!

Every Thursday from 7:30pm to midnight this semester we will be playing games in room m003.

If you want to borrow one of our games, you are welcome to drop by the VS office. You will need to sign up on the borrowing list, which is located by the board games in the VS office.

We also have a Discord server where we keep you updated:

We are looking forward to it!