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Kick-off for the 2022/23 term of office

On Oct. 12, 2022, the VS Council met for the 80th time. New and old familiar faces met to kick off the 2022/23 Council term. After the initial update on current university events, this meeting was primarily about distributing VS positions for the coming year. As a result, we are proud to introduce our new VS Board of Directors and your contacts.

Valentina Herzog takes over as board chair with Julia Nanakin as vice chair. In addition, Julia Nanakin is stepping into the position of Initiative Coordinator. In the future, Livia Heller will be in charge of the finance department with Minh Phung as deputy. Julian Schmoll will remain in the position of Networking Officer. We welcome Clara Stauber as internal communication officer and Marius Held as public relations officer. Lena Laudanski steps into the office of the structure representative.

So much for the VS board. It is also with pleasure that we welcome to a new Jona Mack as our Council President, with Duc-Tuan Nguyen newly as the alternate.

Other members who took up positions at last Wednesday’s meeting and whose support we are pleased to have: Alexandra Fischer (Protocol), Stella Schmid and Mert Yasin Yüzer (ASC Coordination), Franziska Roth and Duc-Tuan Nguyen (Equality, Equal Opportunities, Antidiscrimination), Christina Albert and Fabio Mangiameli (Conciliation Commission), Carmen Scheufele and Anna Hoch (Locker Representative), Max Ihlenfeldt and Vincent Paul Brecht (Student Union Representative), and Marina Banti (StuFe/HORADS Contact). For more info on what’s behind each position, check out the VS Wiki.

In addition to the distribution of items and a pizza or two, as always, important issues in university affairs such as the increase in semester fees or the closure of operations over Christmas break were discussed and the actions of the VS in these concerns were discussed. So the new VS Council is already facing important issues and is ready to tackle them.

We congratulate all members on their positions and thank them for their commitment! The next council meeting will take place on 02.11.2022 and also students who are not yet elected council members are always welcome as guests :). As always, we also appreciate every helping hand, so don’t hesitate for long: lend a hand!