Plenary meeting WS 2022/23

Your elected council members introduce themselves!

The General Assembly is the event where you can learn everything about the student body and get to know the most important contact persons.

Women on stage answering questions from the spectators.
picture by pch.vector from Freepik

At this event we will give you a deeper insight into the work of the VS and explain in detail what the VS is, how you can participate, which services we provide for you and which current topics we are currently dealing with. The whole event will take place as a hybrid event and will also be streamed live.

When: 8th November 2022
Time: 11.45pm – 1:15am
Where: i003 (Audimax), live stream (

We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions!

Kückennacht 2022

People in front of a stage

Foyer of the Media University, 06.10.2022, 19:00: The turbulent first week started for our chickens with first mass, introductory events and chick cinema. The crowning finale was our Kückennacht, which was put together by numerous helpers.

VS-retreat of the term 22/23

Last week, from Sept. 28 – Sept. 30, 2022, the VS retreat was held. This brought together members of the past and future VS Council to prepare for the upcoming term.

Group picture of the participants
Group picture of the participants

The retreat was used to prepare prospective VS members for their future work, with the outgoing board under board chair Franziska Roth in particular explaining their duties and positions and sharing valuable experiences.

In addition, the meeting dealt with the development of relevant university-political topics for the upcoming period – in particular, the university’s handling of the current energy crisis, as well as digital accessibility on the university websites were addressed and intensively discussed.

Of course, the retreat also served to get to know each other – entertainment and fun were not neglected. Whether it was cooking or playing games together, none of the participants left the conference without having had a good time and making friends.