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Nationwide Semester Ticket

From summer semester 2024, all students will be able to purchase a discounted Deutschlandticket for €29.40 per month.

Sounds great, right? unfortunately there’s a catch:

This ticket will only be available on a full solidarity model. This means that all students at the university will receive this ticket and therefore have to pay a higher semester contribution.

That’s why we as a student body have to decide whether we want to introduce this ticket at the HdM.


Scenario 1 – We introduce the nationwide semester ticket: All students automatically receive a Deutschlandticket. The semester fee rises to €347.90. That is €29.40 more per month than now.

Scenario 2 – We do not introduce the nationwide semester ticket:In principle, everything remains as it is at the moment. The semester fee does not increase and remains at €171.50. Only those students who want to can buy the current D-Ticket-JugendBW for €30.41 per month.

To help you form an opinion on these scenarios, we would like to give you a few pros and cons of both scenarios:

Per & Contra Scenario 1

Per scenario 1 (nationwide semester ticket): All students would have the option of a discounted public transport ticket. This ticket also applies to students over 26, who currently have no opportunity to buy a discounted public transport ticket as they are not allowed to buy the D-Ticket-JugendBW due to the existing age limit, and the ticket can also only be purchased for one semester. This is good for students studying abroad who are only here for one semester or for students on a practical semester or semester abroad who can suspend it during this time.the ticket is a step towards more sustainable mobility. If more students have a ticket anyway, more students will use public transport and leave their cars at home more often.

Contra scenario 1 (nationwide semester ticket): All students at the university must purchase this ticket and therefore pay a higher semester fee. For U27 students, there is no major difference to the current D-Ticket-JugendBW.

Per & Contra Scenario 2

Per scenario 2 (no nationwide semester ticket):The semester contribution remains at €171.50. Only students who want the ticket can buy it.

Contra scenario 2 (no nationwide semester ticket):There is only the D-Ticket-JugendBW. This ticket must be purchased for at least one year. There is still no discounted public transport ticket for students over 26.

What can you do

In both scenarios, it is unfortunately not clear how the prices will develop, as the policy does not provide any certainty here. This means that both the nationwide semester ticket and the D-Ticket-JugendBW could become more expensive from WS 2024/2025. However, we are currently working with other student representatives and the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Transport to achieve greater planning security and a price guarantee.

As the decision on a nationwide semester ticket is very far-reaching and affects all students at the university, we want to find out more about your opinion on this. That is why we have created this survey. We want to use it to gain a more precise overview of how you currently use existing offers and what your spontaneous opinion on a nationwide semester ticket would be:

Survey on nationwide semester ticket