Hey, We are BeatDrop!

BeatDrop is an international music and dance-based initiative that was formed by four students through their passion and love for music. 

Therefore we have set ourselves the goal to share this passion with as many people as possible, whether you are a German or an international Student, everyone can join!

It doesn’t matter what kind of music you are into. Let it be Rock, Pop, Hip hop, K-Pop, J-Pop, C-Pop, Metal, Rap, Classic or even something completely different, everyone is more than welcome to share and introduce us to their favorite music genre. 

During our Talk-get-together we discuss different music tastes and play games about music or a specific music genre. 

This could be something like karaoke, Just Dance, music discussions, dance challenges and workouts (yeah we can even do this over Discord), guess the song, Kpop-mini games and more. 

We will also give you the possibility to free your mind through dancing! 

Every Wednesday (as soon as we are allowed to because of Covid) will be a Dance-get-together in one of the rooms at the HdM, where we can choreograph to songs of your choice or even do random play dances or dance covers. We are always open for new suggestions.

If you are just like us and simply can’t stand a day without listening to music or even dancing in front of your mirror, this is your place to be.


For EVERYONE that has a passion for music and/or dance


Talk-get-together: 1. and 3. Thursday of the month at 18:30-19:30 (Open-End) on our Discord server

Dance-get-together: 2. and 4. Thursday of the month at 18:30-19:30/20:00 in Room S205 HDM


Follow us on Instagram. We keep you there updatet, if we are currently in the dance-get-together or talk-get-together week :)

Feel the Beat, Share the Beat!