Kückennacht 2022

People in front of a stage

Foyer of the Media University, 06.10.2022, 19:00: The turbulent first week started for our chickens with first mass, introductory events and chick cinema. The crowning finale was our Kückennacht, which was put together by numerous helpers.

VS-retreat of the term 22/23

Last week, from Sept. 28 – Sept. 30, 2022, the VS retreat was held. This brought together members of the past and future VS Council to prepare for the upcoming term.

Group picture of the participants
Group picture of the participants

The retreat was used to prepare prospective VS members for their future work, with the outgoing board under board chair Franziska Roth in particular explaining their duties and positions and sharing valuable experiences.

In addition, the meeting dealt with the development of relevant university-political topics for the upcoming period – in particular, the university’s handling of the current energy crisis, as well as digital accessibility on the university websites were addressed and intensively discussed.

Of course, the retreat also served to get to know each other – entertainment and fun were not neglected. Whether it was cooking or playing games together, none of the participants left the conference without having had a good time and making friends.

Gustav in new plumage

To celebrate the successful term, to thank for the good cooperation and to welcome parts of the new council, the VS council organized a semester closing event for all new members and initiatives on 20.07.2022. In the courtyard of the HdM, everyone had the opportunity to exchange ideas outside of the council meetings and enjoy pizza and soft drinks in a cozy atmosphere. Despite rain showers, the event was a success and resulted in a karaoke party with surprise guests.

With the party was also our “new” mascot Gustav. This presented itself proudly to the former and new council members and said goodbye to his old feather dress.

Old and new Gustav arm in arm at VS semester closing event.
Old and new Gustav arm in arm at VS semester closing event.

Start of the nomination phase

Get nominated for VS-Rat, Fakultätsrat and Senat!

It’s time: the nomination phase for the committee elections starts today! You can run for VS Council, your Faculty Council, and Senate. The nomination period is from May 20, 2022 to May 31, 2022 and runs through this portal: https://onlinewahl.hdm-stuttgart.de. In the committees, you can actively participate in shaping the university and not only get to know the university better, but also meet a lot of cool people! All further information about the committee elections can be found here: https://vs-hdm.de/wahlen

Checklist for your nomination

  • Think about which committees you want to be nominated for
  • Register on the election portal until 31.05.2022
  • Download the personal description from the election portal and fill it out if you want to. Tell the students what ist important to you and why you would like to sit in the committees
  • After your nomination you can upload the description and a picture of yourself. You will receive a link from us
  • Tell as many people as possible about your nomination and encourage them to vote!

And do not forget: Whether by election or nomination, make the Verfasste Studierendenschaft YOUR student representation 🙂.